Band advances to Area for third-straight year

The Cy Springs band will advance to Area after obtaining a score of straight ones for the third year straight at the 2018 UIL competition. The band students attributed their success to a higher work drive.

“We just got tired of being mediocre, and we pushed ourselves to our limit,” junior Luis Palacios said. “From there, the progress was just an unstoppable force.”

The Area competition will consist of 25-30 schools competing with the top 10 moving on to finals. From there, the top four will move onto state.

“It’s so cool to have a rehearsal where you’re cold and uncomfortable, but you still enjoy it,” assistant band director Kaylee Christensen said. “The work has become fun, so the actual performance has just become extra for them.”

This improvement in attitude and dedication has not gone unseen, either. Senior Clacey Core said the CFISD Director of Fine Arts told students they were the most improved band in the district.

“The reason we became better is because we set up a first come, first serve system, “ senior Jimmy Dorsaint said. “Those who wanted to become better stayed, and those who didn’t, left.”

The widespread change of heart, and performance was also attributed to a fresh type of guidance and leadership under Christensen. Sophomore Seth Ebbler even specifically highlighted the drumline as most improved.

“I think the entire band was infected when she came, though” sophomore Michael Hurtado said. “There’s never been a step back. We just keep moving forward and forward.”

However, for new and upcoming students, the change in attitude has been implemented as the norm for them.

“I mean, I came into something that’s pretty good already,” freshman Christian Dayao said. “The people ahead of me became better and then, that helped me grow to be better.”

Christensen said she challenged the students to prove their worth, and tried to challenge their expectations of themselves every day. The guidance seems to have ushered the band in the right direction as they ready themselves to compete on Oct. 27.

“You grow up with people who are told that this is all they can be,” drum major Aaron Perez said. “But, that doesn’t mean we have to be what’s expected of us. Why not us? Why can’t we march and play just as well, if not better, than everybody else?”

-By Nathalie Marquez

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