New bond vote could bring  changes to district

New bond vote could bring changes to district


On Feb. 4 2018, the CFISD school board proposed the idea of an election to decide issuing a bond to enhance the environment of schools by 2025, and scheduled a session on Feb. 11 of the next year to further discuss it. During its meeting on the scheduled date, the Board of Trustees approved the proposal of  the $1.762 billion bond to use in the renovating of Cypress-Fairbanks facilities, safety and security, transportation, and technology. Residents of the district will be able to vote as early as April 22 through April 30, with the official voting day being May 4.

“I think it’s a great idea,” said Elena Gonzalez, parent of a  sophomore at Cypress Springs High School. “A lot of the schools haven’t been improved upon in years, and it’s good that with everything that’s happening they do what’s necessary in order keep our kids safe.”

The money will be divided in order to improve all aspects of student and faculty life throughout the district. Included in the bond package are $258,708,345 towards instructional and support facilities; $207,656,706 for safety and security enhancements; $88,162,655 will be used for transportation; $238,980,763 to enhance technology; and $968,991,531 towards facility renovations and additions. Among the renovations, a new elementary and middle school will be added to the district. Metal detectors will be added towards existing schools, and upgraded intrusion detection panels and door prop alarm. The project will impact I&S tax, with an increase of up to $0.03 over a seven-year period. Individuals over 65 years, or with an exemption, will not be required to pay.

“I am so glad that they decided to issue a bond,” said parent Patricia Martinez. “This will most certainly help the new generation, my daughter is currently in Pre-K so by the time the renovations are complete she will be able to have more opportunities in school.”

The money that goes towards the technology will be able to update all the teachers boards, update the computer's in the library that the students are able to use. It will also allow the school to get more advantages for the teachers.    

“I believe that the money that is going to technology is a good thing in a way because that will allow more students to have more advantage to to do homework, and allow them to get it done early in the morning before it is due because some students may not have technology at home to use and they don't want to get a bad grade,” said freshmen Nina Hollins.

If the majority vote for the bond, the school board will be able to provide for all its students without a shortage of materials. Also included are the improvements to the athletic and fine art facilities in the district. There will be an expansion of art and music rooms, as well the addition of a black box theater. Orchestra and band will be provided with new rehearsal spaces and storage rooms, as well a towers for the band directors. Athletics will see significant changes; some sports teams have no choice but play on raw soil, and sometimes don’t get to play at all when the weather affects it. With the bond, there will be renovations to the baseball and  softball fields, and additional tennis courts.

“This bond will not only benefit the students, but also the teachers,” said Julia Kingswell, physics teacher at Cypress Springs. “With all these new renovations, this will surely give a helping hand to create new teaching ideas and strategies for the students to better aid them.”

By Lillian Gonzalez and Andrea Castillo

with Jessica Pirie and Julian Larraga

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