United Nations names Panther alum Youth Observer

United Nations names Panther alum Youth Observer

Jay’Len Boone is a current senior at University Of Texas-San Antonio (Photo courtesy of  Jay’Len Boone )

Jay’Len Boone is a current senior at University Of Texas-San Antonio (Photo courtesy of Jay’Len Boone)

Cypress Springs alumni Jay’Len Boone was announced as the eighth annual UNA-USA United Nations Youth Observer.

“I was first made aware of this process during my freshman year through a mentor of mine Dr. Ann Eisenberg who believed I was perfect for the role.” said Boone. “ Well, at that time I didn’t believe this, but was determined to gain the experience and skill needed to handle a position like this. So, I did and I applied at the beginning of the summer, and after three rounds of intensive application materials I was notified by phone that I was the eighth Youth Observer to the UN!” 

The former student council president is the founder and executive director of Sustainable Youth For Action, which is a non-profit organization that provides tools students can use to convert their ideas into solutions for global issues like poverty and climate change.

“The Climate Crisis is an issue that impacts all of us today, and the children of tomorrow,” said Boone. “As an ambassador for the UN it is apart of my job to spread the word about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are 17 goals our entire world is stretching toward reaching by 2030. Number 13 is climate action and interestingly enough I have found it is the one SDG that touches on all the others.”

Freshman world geography teacher Samantha Hughes was a STUCO sponsor during Boone’s senior year at Cy Springs. In his term, Boone played a vital role in creating concepts for PROWL Time video lessons. 

“I had the honor of being a STUCO sponsor in 2015 when Jay’Len was President,” said Hughes. “He was very forthright, mature and a great role model, and I am very delighted of the young man that he is becoming. He has left a legacy here at Cypress Springs.”

As this year’s Youth Observer, Boone will serve a one year term, traveling across the country to speak and inform high school and college-age students about the work of the United Nations. He has outlined a list of goals he hopes to achieve by August of 2020, including planning and executing media campaigns, building awareness, supporting young entrepreneurs, and updating to his online blog about major events regarding the UNA-USA.

“These goals all point toward my central message of ‘Our World, Our Story,’ and encouraging young Americans to take control of their narrative and share it with the rest of the world for the purposes of lifting one another.” said Boone. “I am also introducing a cool new Series on YouTube called Young Minds Connect.’”

By Lillian Ferran Gonzalez

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